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  • What is meant by the minimum admissions requirements?
  • What is meant by compulsory and recommended subjects?
  • Do I need Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy to study at NMMU?
  • What is an Admissions Point Score (APS)?
  • How do I calculate my APS?
  • What happens if I do not meet the APS directly?
  • What is the APS testing band?
  • Do I need to take a test to be considered for admission to NMMU? If so, what score do I need to achieve to be considered?
  • What if I fail the access assessment test?
  • What would an interview with a department entail?
  • Why do I need to submit a portfolio for some programmes and not for others?
  • Will my second choice be considered if I am unsuccessful for my first choice?
  • If my June/July school results are not good should I still apply to NMMU?
  • Does work experience come into play in making an admission decision?
  • My parents are old students (Alumni) of NMMU; do I get preferential treatment with my application?
  • Does NMMU offer a discount for children of old students (Alumni)?

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